Sunday, August 15, 2010

Drum Roll, Please!

OK, now that I sorta let the cat out of the bag, I might as well get it all out there on the table...

My book is titled Consensual Consequences: A True Story of Life with a "Registered Sex Offender". This book is about how I met my husband, our love story and our life together with his name listed on the sex offender registry.

This is the reason I am not using my real name and also the reason I've changed most of the names of the people and names of places in the book.
Our life is pretty ordinary outside of this one element, but unfortunately this one element has affected not only my husband's life, but my life and the lives of our children.

While my husband is guilty of his 1996 offense, I don't believe that he should be punished for his crime until his death. He is remorseful and paid his debt to society and yet the punishments keep on coming and he is not the only one in this family affected. Lawmakers want the public to believe that sex offender laws are not punitive (they are) and they want the public to believe that the laws help protect children (they don't).

My book is going to be 256 pages and is in the final stages now. I expect the manuscript and the cover to be sent to the printers any day now. It has been a long road writing this book, which I started composing more than a year ago. It has been an incredible journey, but one I would have gladly not needed to take. I have learned a lot and am much more informed now than I was before I met my husband; before, when I believed media's portrayal that every registered sex offender was a pedophile, pervert or predator.
Oh, the lies they tell!


  1. Congratulations, Lynn! I hope you do very well with this work. I'm looking very forward to reading it.

  2. Have you considered writing an article for the New York Time's Sunday "Modern Love" feature?

  3. Thank you for that suggestion, Anonymous, I'll check that out!