Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"A Clue! A Clue!"

Well, hello again!

I have just sent off my typeset manuscript to the publisher for their final review and last minute edits. It is getting closer now!

I have just downloaded and have begun reading a new book called A Motion for Innocence by Shaun Webb. I am already starting to get into the book even though I have to overlook the many gramatical errors. (I really wish the guy had gotten the book properly edited) but it looks pretty good so far.

Another book I have in mind to read is called Failure to Protect by Eric S. Janus. I've got it on order at my local library and they'll call me when it comes in.

I might as well mention a third book I read a while ago of a similar topic called Once Fallen by Derek Logue. This book is very well written and very well researched and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about our exceptionally flawed legal system.

If you figure out what these three books have in common then you'll have a pretty good idea what my book is about. There ya have it: A clue! :)


  1. Hi ?,

    Who is your publisher? I'm looking forward to reading your work. Is this the first? If there are more please let me know.

  2. My publisher is Robert D. Reed and although this is not my first book, it is my first book as "Lynn Gilmore". There may very well be more.