Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life in the New Year

Gah! The holidays and work have really kept me away. I never intended to be absent from this blog for long periods of time, but it just keeps happening. I don't dare make a new year's resolution to post more because that will certainly only guarantee my prolonged absences as everyone knows resolutions never work.

So, what's a girl to do? Okay, while I mull that over I'll just give you a quick update...

So far, the book is doing really well! I've received many emails from readers who have read the book. Almost everyone has said it is a quick, easy read and they enjoyed reading about my love story, or rather "a story of love" as one reader put it.

I am really excited about the positive feedback I have received so far. I am anxious to see how well the book will do on Amazon, once it is released on January 12.

Meanwhile, all is well here. I was so blessed to have my whole family home for the holidays. We almost had a white Christmas, too, as it flurried and flaked most of the day, but very little accumulated. I am greatly looking forward to the first good snow when it will be time to go exploring with Maddie and our new dog, too.

Work is keeping me busy. I have the SOSEN newsletter to work on this week and another magazine I need to finish up by mid January.

Hubby's job is going well, more or less. He still hates it and wishes he could do something else, but he is just thankful to have a job, given his label. Things are starting to look up there, though, and he may be taking another position soon. We're all keeping our fingers crossed. He's put in 5+ good years there and it's about time they recognized him for his hard work.

Earlier this month, he was sent a letter from the ACIC that he was to report to the county sheriff's department to be re-photographed. He was photographed about a year ago, but I guess they're worried that he has changed his appearance so significantly that it warranted the new photos. He joked that maybe he should borrow what we now call my "Lynn Gilmore Wig", and I laughed at the imagery. Yeah, I'd like to see him in that wig!

So, he went down there sans wig and endured that degrading experience only to return home to find another letter from the ACIC with his VOR form in it. (Verification of Residency). Of course, they could not send these two letters together in the same envelope, so just a couple days later when he was off from work, he reported right back to the sheriff's department to fill out and hand over the VOR. They were, like, "weren't you just here?"

We consider ourselves lucky that he only has to do the VOR thing twice a year. It is just ridiculous that they didn't have enough of their ducks in a row to have him go down there and take care of both matters together at once. Oh well, not that it's all that surprising. Although the state has had my hubby on the state registry for more than a year, the county has yet to get their act together enough to get him on the local site. Not that I'm complaining, I'm certainly not, but I've been watching closely. I feel the time is coming soon, though. Since October, the number of registrants on the local registry went from 21 to 30 poor unfortunate souls. Not that I suspect that we have nine new criminals in our midst, no I fully suspect they've been here all along, but just now were added to the list. That's okay with me, I guess, since now I have nine new people to add to my newsletter mailing list! Thank you, County Sheriff's office, for making it SO easy for me to find new members of this horrible club!

My newsletter mailing list has grown, yay! Not that I mail out a whole bunch, I really don't, but I concentrate on the people in my area and I've added new names and addresses of people who have requested to receive the newsletter over the last year since I took on the job. Speaking of, if you would like to be added to the mailing list, please email me your name and address to lynn.gilmore13 [at] yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!