Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Row of Ducks

Just taking a moment to catch my breath. I am leaving town in the morning for an arts and crafts show and I will not return until Sunday night. I am all packed and ready, but I am tired! It is good to have all my ducks in a row and I am hopeful that I will have a good show and make many sales. I am praying for good weather also. People don't like to attend arts and crafts shows in poor weather...

My sweetie and our daughter are already asleep. He has to work and she has school in the morning. I am seriously considering turning in also. Tomorrow is another day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well, hello to those of you "out there"...

I have a wee bit of news. I am very excited to report that I have changed publishers for my book. In talking with the publishers at IFWG, we mutually agreed that I would probably not be satisfied with their services due to the fact that they could not print or market the book in the way that I wanted.

I have a new publisher now, and they are very excited to be working on my book. I have worked with this publisher before and have a good working relationship with them, and I trust them implicitly with "my baby".

This is my 2nd book that I'll be publishing, but due to the fact that I am using an alias for this new book, I will not disclose the title of my first book that was published in 2009. It is not all that important to note, anyway, since my first book was in a completely different genre.

The genre of this new book? I don't even really know what category to put it in. It is non-fiction, and it is a very personal story about me and my family, dealing with a very troubling situation in today's world. I will be talking more about the book, and giving you more than these tiniest of details, but for now.... I just enjoy keeping the mystery going... :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Decisions, decisions....

While we have been awaiting the proof of the first issue of True Voice Magazine, I have been finishing up the design of my own book. But.... I have run into a few snags. It seems the publisher and I are not really able to see eye to eye regarding the terms of the contract and he has suggested that I try looking elsewhere before agreeing to sign with him. Perhaps he is right.

This publishing company is fairly new and fairly small and I feel that my book is important enough to warrant a more experienced publisher. Having said that, though, I really don't want to go elsewhere because the level of enthusiasm over my book from this publisher has been exceptionally wonderful. I am truly torn as to what I should do and feel like I am genuinely between a rock and a hard place.

I've come so far with the book, it doesn't seem right to rush through the final process now. I belong to a few writers forums and everywhere I posted a thread regarding my unique situation, I have been advised to seek out a better publisher.

I have thought about this all day... It is truly a dilemma and I want to do what is right. I guess I'll go ahead and query other publishers and/or literary agents to see if there is any interest. The topic of my book is highly controversial and I fully expect to receive both positive and negative reactions to it. It is a hot button issue that is surely going to ruffle some feathers.

I may chose to self-publish. Having done that once before, I am familiar with the process and am quite comfortable with the idea. Where I really need help is in the marketing area, but there are all kinds of tools and informative sites out there to help with that, also.

We will see what the good Lord has in store for me, and for my family. We have seen all sorts of adversity so far, so really, what's a little more...