Friday, August 20, 2010

Cherries Jubilee!

Well, folks, my book has just been sent to the printer. It is time to celebrate! :) Too bad I don't have any champagne or anything else to celebrate with. Hubby is currently asleep in his recliner, taking a power nap after digging a ditch for a french drain out front all morning. I can't even celebrate with him...

Funny, though, when my publisher called me today to tell me we are officially launching the book and that we should celebrate, I told her I didn't have any champagne, she told me she was going to eat some cherries. I have cherries, too, I told her, and so I just celebrated by eating a whole bowlful of them!

Anyway, as soon as I know when the book will be available, I'll be letting you know. Meanwhile, pass the cherries, please!

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