Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Great Review! Yay!

Today I found out about two great things:

1) My book is now available for Kindle on Amazon, for $9.99.  This is great!  I was wondering how to put up a version for Kindle, and my publisher went and did it for me.   I have such a wonderful publisher!

2) I found this really GREAT review of my book:

This is clearly written by someone who is NOT a registered sex offender or is NOT a family member of a registered sex offender.  This is just what I have been waiting for.  Most of the reviews on Amazon have, admittedly, been made by people who were familiar with how the sex offender laws affect offenders and their families already before reading my book.  It is not hard to convince those who have already been convinced.

My goal with the book has always been to educate readers who know nothing about how ineffective the sex offender laws are and show them why they should change their views on the subject.  It seems I have managed to accomplish that goal with this reviewer -- and if I can do that with one person, I can do that with many.

I get emails every week from readers thanking me for standing up and getting my story out there, and I am grateful to them for sharing their feelings with me but I gotta say:  Getting that review REALLY convinced me that I absolutely did the right thing, without a shadow of a doubt.

This whole experience has been like nothing I've ever experienced before, and telling my story has been so incredibly rewarding....  Wow.... just... WOW!

Thank you, Marissa Libbit, for your terrific review...


  1. Wait to go!!! Knowledge is everything!!!

  2. Only thing what i can say is, that these laws are for mental satisfaction of feminists who hate men and these laws are targeting heterosexuals rather than homosexuals.

    1. So you think vicious prejudice is OK as long as it is directed to someone you would like to think is beneath you? Prejudice and ignorance help no one,and they harm everyone especially the person pointing the finger.