Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Launch Day

Hello all,

Today is the day my book, Consensual Consequences: A True Story of Life with a Registered Sex Offender is officially launched.

Please, if you have read the book, PLEASE post a review on Amazon:

You will likely need to have an Amazon account, although I am not sure. Click on the link right under the title/author name to leave a review.

Incidently, if you have not read it, Amazon has it available for $10.17, why, I don't know. When I asked my publisher about that, they didn't know why the price had been reduced from $14.95. Anyway, that's quite a savings out there, folks!

I really, REALLY appreciate any kind words you can leave about my book. If you didn't like it, please say nothing. LOL

1 comment:

  1. Great book Lynn. Perhaps someday I will meet you and you can give me an autograph! I will also write up a review in the future and post it on my blog. Best of luck and stay safe.