Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally Number One at Something

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder here to run right over to Amazon and download your FREE copy of my book, Consensual Consequences, on Kindle.  I believe today is the last day you will be able to download the book FREE!


It's been a typically busy week for me as work has picked up for me (yay!) but the down side is I have not been able to watch the ranking of the book this week like I wanted to. (boo hoo!) I have no idea how many copies of the book have been downloaded as my publisher has that info.  I will have to email them to ask.

Meanwhile, I think it's worthy to note that on September 12, the Kindle version of the book ranked #825 as a result of the giveaway.  That is, by far, the best the book has ever done.  Since then, the ranking has dropped a wee bit and today, the ranking is at 1,074, which is still pretty good, even for a free book.

But, check out the ranking for:

Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Professional & Technical > Law > Criminal Law > Criminal Procedure

It's Number 1!


I just had to take a screen shot in case the ranking dropped in the next minute or two.  :)

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