Monday, January 7, 2013

While Waiting to be Grandma...

Hello Dear Readers,

What can I say?  What lame excuses could I possibly have to explain my long absence these last few months?  None, and I won't even try.  Life is what it is, and that, my friends, should be enough!


Last time I posted here, I wasn't even here, in Arkansas, I was somewhere in the middle of Texas on my way home from the RSOL conference in New Mexico.

I tend to only come here to post when I feel moved to do so.  That isn't gonna happen every day... or every week, or even every month so it seems... I'm not one to just blab on about stuff that isn't important to me and if I don't have something important to say, then why bother.


So, I find the timing ironic, actually, because here I was just about to post an update here tonight when I received a new comment just now from someone who had read my post about Rosie.  I do not have a huge following, and it's not that often comments come in, especially when I haven't posted in such a long time.

To receive a new comment now, though, is just incredibly coincidental. Almost Twilight-Zoney.

I was coming here tonight to announce that I am doing some research on how law enforcement, the media and legal professionals handle sex crime cases such as child porn, sexting, Romeo and Juliet cases and even false allegation cases.  The first on my list is how child porn cases are handled.  I anticipate working on this research for several months all the while juggling my usual duties as CEO of SOSEN, hotline volunteer, editor-in-chief of the SOSEN NEWS, graphic designer for many products including ATAT's (Arkansas Time After Time) monthly newsletter, many SOSEN brochures and my own paying clients.  All while simultaneously marketing my own artwork, running a household with a rambunctious ten year old child, a tired husband, four cats and a dog.

Oh, and let's not forget, the Arkansas legislative session is set to begin this month, for which I am sure there will be many four-hour round trips back and forth to Little Rock in the coming months with my other ATAT advocates.

And last but not least, I am about to become a grandma... Any minute now... (fingers are drumming on the desk, trying to be patient...)

Posting to a blog that only a few people read?  Not at the top of my my list of priorities but as I said, life is what it is, and it ain't nothing if it ain't interesting.

Getting back to my research, I have composed a list of 49 questions  - yes I said 49, as in one less than 50 - that I am hoping anyone with a child porn case will be happy to fill out.  It could be filled out by an offender themselves or by a family member.  If you or someone you know would like to participate, just email me at

I look forward to hearing from ya.  And now, back to your regular programming.


Oops, almost forgot to add:  I changed the background here...  The white text on black background was killing my soon-to-be Grandma eyes.  Hope you like it better.


  1. Hi Lynn, As a grandmother of five, I would comment that you are about to gain one of the greatest gifts in life. A grandchild is such a great pleasure! Congratulations, hurry Baby!
    I am writing with questions about your 49 question survey. Several people have forwarded it to me. What do you plan to do with the info you receive? Will others (those who participate) be privy to the collective info? BTW I have read your column for over a year but not commented. Perhaps your readership is more than you thought?

    1. Thank you for your response! I'd love to think I have something of a fan club, so thank you for your comment. :)

      I have received numerous responses to the survey already and I gotta say I am more surprised than I expected to be. This research is part of a big project that is in the works that will probably take me close to half a year to complete. Once I get further along, I am sure I will be sharing more information about it here.

      But, I can tell you now I can already see another awesome SOSEN brochure specificly on child porn coming out of this. The info I am getting is AMAZING.

    2. I, too, would very much like to add my info to whatever else you get. However, the person for whom I give the info is presently in a federal prison and I can only communicate with him via E-Mail (monitored) or regular mail (monitored) or phone calls made by him (monitored.) Because of distance and illness, I can only rarely visit, and when I do visit, as you must be aware, NOTHING can be brought in for him to read or eat or "whatever." I hesitate to bring such highly detailed material regarding his offenses by any of the monitored routes. I, myself, do not know the answers to most of those questions.
      What is your advice. How can I safely get that information? Thank you.

    3. I appreciate your interest, but I wouldn't want you to get your inmate into any trouble for responding to my questionnaire. I believe the risks are probably too great. It is okay, I did receive a lot of responses, enough so that I can proceed with my work. Thank you so much though. It means a lot to me that you wanted to paritcipate.

  2. Never any judgement for not posting. However, it's always great to hear from you whenever you have the time, Lynn. So, keep on keeping on. And I vote a thumbs up for the new background color...much easier to read.