Thursday, May 24, 2012

Man Kills Man He Suspects of Sexually Abusing His Child

The above link takes you to an article I hope will eventually make the national news.  Read the article and pass it along.  This happened very near to my home and I am very bothered by the fact that this man, Andrew James Cody, decided to take matters into his own hands and take another person's life because he suspected the victim was sexually abusing his daughter.

There is a lot of missing info from the article.

WAS the man actually abusing Andrew James Cody's daughter?  Is there proof?

Did he or the daughter know the man that was allegedly abusing the child?

Isn't it possible that Andrew James Cody was mad at the man for some other reason and figured out a way he could get away with murder?

Because, my friends, if Andrew James Cody is exonerated from his crime that he admitted to the killing, then what kind of message does this send to Americans?  That all they have to do is claim that the victim molested their child and that they, too, can get away with murder?

All Andrew James Cody had to do was call the authorities.  Even without proof of the abuse, the man would have been sent to prison and once he got out, he would have spent his life on the sex offender registry, which as well all know, is even worse than prison. 

Now, because Andrew James Cody took the man's life, we'll never know if the abuse actually happened, and Andrew James Cody will likely go to prison himself, leaving a little girl with no father. 

Andrew James Cody has a lot of supporters out there saying he did what other daddies should do!  Can you believe that?  These people need to educate themselves.  Murder is NEVER okay!  NEVER EVER EVER!!!

If Andrew James Cody does not go to prison for his crime, then we will see a whole lot more murders of people on the registry and even innocent people, too, because all one has to do in defense is claim that the person was molesting a child.

What is this world coming to???  We cannot allow this to happen!!!

I tried leaving comments on the article but found the login to be extremely difficult.  I did manage to leave a post, to which someone named Stephanie ASSUMED I could NOT be a victim to child sexual abuse!  Imagine that!  Hah!

Murder is murder, no matter what.  Andrew James Cody needs to go prison for a very long time.



  1. Well said, Lynn! I couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. They are running DNA from the girl, now. Also Cody went to the police and they did nothing. Oh and Lee was a registered sex offender, he raped his own children. That does not make it right to break into his house and shoot him. Cody needs time in prison but he did what he thought was right for his child thats what makes him a "hero" to people. To put an end to this no one should have to go through being abused. But it does happen and the abused just want to feel like some one cares enough to do something, Cody's daughter will know that her dad did.

  3. Unbelievable, Lynn.

    I find it interesting that the primary reason people justify the murder of sex offenders who may or may not have offended children is that being abused as a child, as I was, is worse than being murdered, severely damaging them for life. Okay, I get that. And yet when that same sex offender reveals their own abuse as a child, suddenly this radical empathy not only vanishes, but they are regarded as more sinister and dangerous as a result of their child abuse. What? I'm not excusing abuse that comes out of abuse, but the double standards people employ in this way are astounding.

    By the way, I can relate to your proximity to this horror. Have you seen what happened this weekend in my area? Two more registered offenders were murdered in Port Angeles, and it seems the killer may have been coming for me next! Would he have allowed me to explain that I didn't rape or molest anyone despite my Level 3 status? Right.


  4. there is an innocent child who this was done to did you for get about that. Yes no one should have the right to take anyones life and No ONE should have the right to abuse a child either. Who is going to protect her.So if u walked in on a monster abusing your child would you have said sir would you kindly wait until i call the police so they can come and start an investagation. Talk about making excuses, all im hearing are excuses for this child abuser.But no matter what everyone will have to answer for their actions sooner or later

    1. I don't know if the man was abusing his child or not. He may have been, and if the killer walked in on the abuser, YES, he should have immediately called the police, and trust me when I tell you: They would have come immediately to arrest the man. I have heard through the grapevine that the man who was killed was actually the girl's mother's boyfriend. Perhaps, the killer saw a way to get rid of his ex's lover, and perhaps there was no abuse going on at all. You don't know. I don't know. The only one who really knows is dead, and the little girl is young enough to be impressionable. Children that young will believe what they are told. I read somewhere that the killer did call the cops and nothing was done. I find that highly unlikely. I know from experience in my work with offenders and victims, that sex crimes are taken VERY seriously. Perhaps the killer never actually called the cops. All I am saying is there is two sides to every story and we should not believe everything we read. This case smells very fishy to me. The dead man cannot defend himself against a false allegation. WE JUST DON'T KNOW.

  5. Same thing just happened in Texas, and it's all over the national news. In my opinion, the only time killing someone else is justified is in self defense where that would be the only way to save your life or someone else's life. If someone is assaulting a child, then anyone has the right to stop them and to use whatever force is necessary to stop the act. Once it's stopped, we do not have the right to serve as judge, jury and executioner! This is a very scary precedent that we do not want in our country. Just think, all someone has to do to legally whack someone they don't like is say, "I caught them assaulting my child."

  6. My husband has a sex offense charge from 23 years ago. My Husband is now 41 years old and has regretted everyday the decision he made to be with this girl, Though he never felt he forced himself on this girl she said it was rape nad he's been a sex offender every since. My husband is a wonderful daddy and husband, he wants to help young men not make the same mistake. Meanwhile I have a 10 year old beautiful daughter that loves my husband but recently her daddy got her removed from our hme by goiong to the courts and getting a parte, because my daughter didnt want to go back to his house because his girlfriend at the time hit her and left marks on her eyes. The courts removed her from my home and sent her back to his home. we foud out the girlfrined is a felon for beating her own children and served 2 years in prison. Her daddy used my husbands past to get her and because of the way the law looks at sex offenders she was removed from our home though my husband never did anything towards my daughter and never would.