Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ready to See the Trainwreck?

Here ya go:


Currently, this video is unlisted as I wanted to check the quality first before making it public.  It seems to be fine.  Feedback is welcome and appreciated.


  1. So so so so SAD! I used to listed to the radio show this moron used to host called "Loveline" years ago. I used to think this guy had a brain and was well-versed on what he said. He CLEARLY does not know the definition of "pedophile" or he is trying to broaden the definition to gain headlines and ratings. Even he must know that the word "sex offender" by itself is becoming a joke here in America. So, he has to stir it up by using the word pedophile when it's improper. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, Lynn. I would like to see a bunch of people write to him and question his intelligence.

  2. Lynn,
    I'm so sorry about the stupidity of this all. Your husband is no way a pedophile, just because he had sex with a promiscuous 15 year old. What is wrong with people! I can attest to my own experiences during the ages of 13 - 18. That was 40 years ago. Society had lost a grip on reality in my opinion.
    Keep on fighting girl.

  3. Advice? Don't ever ever go back on.